Full-Wave SPICE

One of the highlighted features of Wavenology EM is the ability to co-simulate both complex circuits and RF systems together. This is done by hybridizing the SPICE circuit solver and the transient EM solver. To give evidences of such capability, we demonstrate several antenna design examples.


Ambient Power Collector


The first example is an ambient power collector, a device used to collect EM energy from the ambience (due to mobile phone signals, for example) and convert it to electric power. The power (albeit only milliwatts) is sufficient to operate devices such as clocks, smoke alarms, Ni-Cd battery chargers, and so on. The geometry of this ambient power collector is shown in Fig. 1, where 4 SPICE circuits, 4 lumped inductors, and 5 lumped capacitors are used. It includes 3 parts: (1) two antennas to receive EM energy; (2) a full-wave rectifier using 4 diodes to convert the AC signal to DC signal; and (3) a 9th order low pass filter to remove the high frequency components. The load resistance is 125 Ohm.


Fig. 1.