Wavenology Introduction

Wavenology simulation software packages bring together over 40 years of algorithm development in computational electromagnetics and computational acoustics. The WCT R&D team applies and develops state-of-the-art algorithms to solve electromagnetic and elastic wave equations. The Wavenology series software packages are general-purpose simulation tools for design optimization and for analyzing the physics of wave phenomena. We have developed the following software products as the efficient design optimization tools in the corresponding markets.

  • Wavenology EM

A general-purpose 3D electromagnetic wave simulation software package.

  • Wavenology EL

A general-purpose, 3D transient acoustic, elastic and seismic wave simulator.

  • Wavenology BHA

An advanced elastic wave simulator for borehole acoustics.

  • Wavenology SQUID

Co-simulation of electromagnetic fields and Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices.

  • Wavenology EM-IMG

Wideband radar (such as ground penetrating radar and through-wall radar) imaging.

  • Wavenology EL-IMG

Wideband elastic, acoustic, ultrasound and seismic imaging.

  • Wavenology Litho

Optical lithography design simulation for integrated circuits.

  • Wavenology PIC

Electromagnetic particle-in-cell simulation tool.

The solution packages utilize a 3D full-wave hybrid technique combining the enlarged cell technique (ECT, an improved version of the conformal finite difference time-domain method), spectral element time-domain (SETD) method, and finite-element time-domain (FETD) method to simulate multi-scale transient electromagnetic and elastic wave propagation and scattering behaviors in complex media.