An Unbiased Review of Wavenology EM Software


December 10, 2010
Prof. Ergun Simsek
Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Science
The George Washington University


I’ve been using Wavenology EM since October 2007 for different types of EM and Optics simulations and I can safely say that Wavenology EM is the most accurate, reliable, efficient, and user friendly EM tool I’ve ever used.


For the commercially available EM tools, accuracy-computation time trade off is the biggest issue. It is very well known that speed or accuracy is nothing by itself. One can generate a solution, which has no resemblance to the exact answer, in milliseconds. Or one can obtain the exact solution in years. Both examples are far from an optimum EM solver. This is why I am over satisfied with Wavenology EM software’s performance: it is extremely fast, in the mean time it is extremely robust. Objects with corners, multilayered background, multiple sources, or another type of difficulty (from the computational EM point of view) are all easy with Wavenology.


Thanks to its easy to learn and use interface, it is very easy to generate realistic 3D models, save outputs and geometries in different formats. Moreover, capability of working with complex permittivity and permeability and built-in spectral analyze functionality make it possible to simulate transmission and reflection spectroscopy experiments accurately. These properties are extremely important to analyze plasmonic waveguides, plasmonic biosensors and solar cells. Please see the example below to compare experimental results (for the transmission spectra through a metal nanoparticle array) and simulation results obtained using Wavenololgy EM. In addition to perfect agreement between experimental and simulation results, I want to emphasize that Wavenology EM software solved this problem in less than 5 minutes. Last but not the least; I’ve always received prompt responses from WCT Help Desk.

Overall, I strongly recommend Wavenology EM to simulate realistic EM and optics problems reliably and efficiently.

A Review of Wavenology EM Software

June 14, 2012
Prof. Yangjun Zhang
Associate Professor
Dept. of Electronics & Informatics
Ryukoku University
Seta, Ohtsu 520-2194 JAPAN


Our group has been using the Wavenology EM software since 2008. Our simulation objects include patch antenna, transmission cable for TDR measurement and electromagnetic wave interaction with lumped circuit elements. We are so impressed by the Wavenology EM excellent performances, such as,

  • User Interface
    It is easy to generate a simulation 3D model by the Wavenology EM softwave. There are many tools to help us. It is fast and not difficult to make a very complicated geometry.
  • Simulation Speed
    It is excellent. Usually we can obtain the result in minutes.
  • Controllable Simulation Setup
    There are many parameters to control model and simulation process. It helps us to find the intrinsic property behind the simulation result.
  • Multiple Results
    It is very convenient to have the simulation results in time domain or in frequency domain by the Wavenology. This is very useful for us to understand the result and to solve the problem.
  • Strong Support Staff
    The Wavenology staffs are very active and quick for inquiry. You can discuss with them on any question of WAVE.


The more we use the Wavenolony EM, the stronger we feel that it is really an accurate, reliable, efficient, and user friendly EM simulation tool. I recommend Wavenology EM to simulate EM problem. I hope more users could take advantage of its convenience and reliability.