The Company

Who We Are
Wave Computation Technologies, Inc. (WCT) was founded in 2005 by Dr. Qing Huo Liu and associates. The mission of the company is to develop cutting-edge computation technologies to simulate, analyze and optimize various wave behaviors in aerospace, electronic, photonic, medical, and geophysical related problems. We are targeting the world-class simulation technologies to help our customers capture, understand and utilize the power of waves to improve the performance of their designs, optimize the layout of their products, and perform detailed analyses through the system-level simulations.
As a high-tech software company, our business has been steadily expanding for years, and has recently been growing rapidly. We will continue and consistently expand our business by establishing new partnerships with our industry clients and by providing them the most advanced, efficient and easy-to-use software solution techniques.


What We Do

WCT’s team applies and develops state-of-the-art algorithms to solve electromagnetic and elastic wave equations. The Wavenology series software packages are general-purpose tools for design optimization and for understanding the physics of wave phenomena. Currently, Wavenology has two major packages electromagnetics (EM) and elastrodynamics (EL). The solution package utilize a 3D full-wave hybrid technique combining the enlarged cell technique (ECT, an improved version of the conformal finite difference time-domain method), spectral element time-domain (SETD) method, and finite-element time-domain (FETD) method to simulate electromagnetic and elastic wave propagation and scattering behaviors in complex media. The user can apply Wavenology EM to simulate many kinds of EM wave problems such as designs of antenna, waveguides, cavities, filters, couplers, power dividers, transmission lines and active phased arrays, signal integrity analysis of RF/microwave circuit systems and scattering of electrically large objects. The other major product, Wavenology EL, is an advanced elastic wave simulator. It focuses on oil exploration with ultrasonic, sonic and seismic waves, with major oil services companies as our clients.


Our Vision

As the manufacturing capability has increased during the past few decades, computer aided design (CAD) and numerical simulation have entered the mainstream of the industry production process. The up-to-date designs and products always require multi-functional (smart), large integration scale and high operation speed. The challenge of computer aided simulation has evolved from simulating the property of a single component to capturing the real-life system-level behavior. To achieve this, multi-scale, multi-algorithm, multi-physics, and multi-process (parallel) simulations are essential techniques. As a result, much research has been devoted into the above-mentioned techniques during recent years. However, it has been realized that each numerical technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. None of them can handle all problems in all situations. The key factor to achieve a real system-level simulation is to put all kinds of techniques together and guarantee accurate, robust and efficient communications, which leads to the technique of hybridization. WCT’s R&D team is passionate about providing the best solutions for real-life engineering problems by breathing the most advanced simulation technologies and integrating them into a general solution framework so that each numerical technique can run in its most suitable place. Ultimately, a real-life system-level simulation is performed by a series of hybridized, optimally organized simulators.


Our Products
Wavenology EM  – General purpose 3D full-wave transient electromagnetic field simulator.
Wavenology EL  – 3D full-wave transient elastrodynamic field simulator