Wavenology EL

Wavenology EL is one of the major software products of Wave Computation Technologies, Inc. (WCT). It is an advanced, general-purpose, 3D transient elastic wave simulator. It focuses on oil exploration with seismic, sonic, and ultrasonic waves, with major oil services companies as our clients. The software contains a fully graphic user interface and integrates a robust transient elastic wave simulator. With Wavenology EL, the designer can analyze and optimize real-life engineering structures for oil exploration.

Sonic logging is one of the most widely used geophysical methods in borehole environments. A typical sonic logging tool includes one or more transmitters and several receivers in addition to its electronic circuits. A slotted sleeve housing is generally used to hold the sonde components and support other logging tools in combination. The slotted sleeve, as a major part of the sonic tool, is made of a steel pipe with many slots on it. Very finely-structured slots are designed to attenuate and delay the pipe waves traveling along the tool housing so that the existence of the steel pipe does not have a large effect on the elastic wave fields. In order to optimize the design of sonic tools, researchers and engineers have performed many numerical and experimental studies related to the transducers. For slotted sleeves, however, only experimental studies have been conducted. Due to the restrictions of cost and time, past experimental studies performed on the slotted sleeve are quite limited.



Due to the usual nonaxisymmetric property of acoustic well logging tools and borehole structures, a full 3-D cylindrical FD program is important not only in designing and analyzing the tools, but also in understanding the elastic wave propagation in the presence of the tool and in interpreting the measured data.

Wavenology EL is the first commercialized software to simulate real engineering sonic logging problems. It integrates a powerful FDTD engine which can simulate the whole slotted sleeve for sonic logging tools. It has a complete absorbing media package to handle the open-bound problems. And can simulate very fine structures efficiently.