Scattering problems are important in the industry when the object visibility in modern radar system is interested. Wavenology EM can handle the scattering problem of various shaped objects including electrically large objects. Plane wave scattering is widely studied during the past. Fig. 1 shows two scattering problems simulated by Wavenology EM





Fig. 1.  Plane wave scattering on electrically large objects (a) Aircraft. (b) Ship. (c) Electric field animation. (d) Surface electric current animation.


Besides the plane wave incidence, radiator positioning on large platform is also an important application of scattering problem. Different positioning of the radiator can affect the overall radiation pattern significantly and efficiency of the communication system integrated in the carrier unit. Consequently, the simulation of radiator positioning is a crucial step before finalizing the layout of the design. Fig. 2 shows a Wavenology EM simulated example which is the antenna radiation pattern when mounted on a platform.


Fig. 2.  Antenna radiation pattern when mounted on a tank and surface current distribution.