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To provide the best service to our valued customers, WCT places much importance on our customers’ feedback. Hence we provide many ways for our clients to reach us.


Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is provided as a convenient communication channel between WCT’s core team (including R&D and management divisions) and our valued customers. It is also a fast and efficient way for us to keep in touch with our clients to make sure that our software is serving you well. After a one-time registration, the user can login into the customer service center and can request all WCT-provided services by filling out the online forms. We will respond as soon as possible to resolve your issues, read your feedback, and improve our products through this portal. The user can use this portal to:

  • Get a free trial of WCT’s software products
  • Request a price quote if interested in purchasing
  • Place your purchasing request for any of WCT’s software products
  • Track your billing information and activity history if you’ve already purchased our products
  • Submit bug reports, feature requests, general feedback and any other technical questions
  • Request technical consulting specifically for your projects
  • Start business collaboration with us
  • Any other general questions

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Please don’t hesitate to email us if you would like to contact WCT. Our customer service team will respond to you within 24 hours.


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