Wavenology EM

Wavenology EM is a general-purpose 3D electromagnetic wave simulation software package for high-speed electronic circuits, antenna, RF/microwave and optical devices. Wavenology EM utilizes a 3D full-wave hybrid technique combining the enlarged cell technique (ECT, an improved version of the conformal finite difference time-domain method), spectral element time-domain (SETD) method and finite-element time-domain (FETD) method to simulate electromagnetic wave propagation and scattering behaviors in complex media. With Wavenology EM, the user can perform co-design of RF/microwave devices and complex nonlinear circuitries and find electromagnetic fields at any location, extract scattering (S) parameters, calculate the transmission, reflection and radiation losses, and visualize 3D electromagnetic fields in near zone and far zones. Both transient behaviors and their frequency spectra can be obtained efficiently by the simulator.



  • Joint design simulation of RF/microwave devices and complex nonlinear circuitries,Hybridized SPICE and full wave transient EM solver.
  • Domain decomposition with conformal FDTD, SETD and FETD methods.
  • Ultra wideband simulation with field results within the whole bandwidth.
  • Frequency domain results through fast FFT of the time-domain results.
  • Material frequency dependence (i.e., dispersion) and losses.
  • Automatic mesh generation.
  • Eigenmode solver for waveguides.
  • Various source types (plane waves, electric/magnetic dipoles, lumped voltage ports, wave ports, Gaussian, Bessel beams and near field ingestions)
  • Multiple transient excitation pulses for the source, time reversal imaging
  • Full 3D array copy capability for sources, observation points, lumped ports, and solid objects.
  • Support the simulation of particle in cell applications.
  • Support the simulation of superconducting Josephson junction (JJ) in ful-wave environments.
  • Support SQUID simulations in the nonlinear circuit solver. The SQUID simulations are performed in SPICE circuit solver within the software in conjunction with the EM simulation.