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Mission & Vision

Mission: To develop leading-edge wave computation technologies, deliver robust and user-friendly simulation solutions and personalized technical support to accelerate customers' innovations and enable their design optimization.

Vision: To cultivate an engineering design community that uses rigorous cutting-edge wave simulation software for innovations.

  • 3D cylindrical elastic wave simulator for borehole acoustic applications
  • Optical lithography design simulation for integrated circuits
  • Wideband radar (ground penetrating and through-wall radar) imaging & Wideband elastic, acoustic, ultrasound and seismic imaging
  • Co-simulation of EM field and quantum devices such as Josephson junction, SQIF/SQUID and memristors
  • Co-simulation of EM field and complex non-linear SPICE circuit
  • Co-simulation of EM field and Particle in Cell interactions
  • HPC Capability in EM, EL & IMG Modules