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Our mission is to develop the leading-edge computation technologies to simulate, analyze and optimize various wave behaviors in aerospace, electronic, photonic, medical, and geophysical engineering problems.
We are targeting the world-class simulation technologies to help our valued customers capture, understand and utilize the abilities of waves to improve the performance of their designs, optimize the layout of their products, and perform detailed analyses through the system-level simulations.
  • 3D cylindrical elastic wave simulator for borehole acoustic applications
  • Optical lithography design simulation for integrated circuits
  • Wideband radar (ground penetrating and through-wall radar) imaging & Wideband elastic, acoustic, ultrasound and seismic imaging
  • Co-simulation of EM field and quantum devices such as Josephson junction, SQIF/SQUID and memristors
  • Co-simulation of EM field and complex non-linear SPICE circuit
  • Co-simulation of EM field and Particle in Cell interactions
  • HPC Capability in EM, EL & IMG Modules